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Farrell Growth Group: an agribusiness consulting firm

Announcements and News

Farrell Growth Group Announces

Alliance With Don Pottinger Consulting

(Announced September 2015)

Farrell Growth Group is excited to announce a relationship with Don Pottinger Consulting LLC in two areas aimed at enhancing the impact and effectiveness of our current undertakings and offerings. Don will be closely involved in the semi-annual meetings and he will place his consulting company under our umbrella. Don Pottinger Consulting is an entity dedicated to skills enhancement needs of top Ag Retailers in North America, primarily in sales, but also management, strategic planning and other areas.

During decades of involvement in production agriculture around the globe, Don Pottinger has held such positions as Vice-President of Global Partner Relations, AGCO Corporation; President of Ag-Chem Equipment and J.R. Simplot’s Agribusiness Group and President and CEO of Saskferco (now Yara). He has also been active in industry associations including stints on the board of the Canadian Fertilizer Institute, the Association of Ag-Retailers, The Fertilizer Institute, Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers and served as Chairman of the Fluid Fertilizer Association.

Farrell Growth Group looks forward to this relationship. More information can be obtained by going to Don Pottinger Consulting.



Matt Gadow

Joins Farrell Growth Group

(Announced February 2014)

Farrell Growth Group is pleased to announce that Matt Gadow has joined our company. Matt is a CPA with 20 years of varied business experience including 10 years as a CFO in both private and public companies. Matt will be focusing on the Mergers and Acquisition Excellence (MAX) portion of our business, assisting owners who are interested in selling their businesses as well as companies who are interested in expanding their businesses through acquisition. Matt has an excellent background and considerable experience in M & A and he will help us expand our ability to serve our core customers in agribusiness as well as customers in other industries.


Steve Watts

Joins Farrell Growth Group

(Announced March 2012)

Farrell Growth Group is pleased to announce that Steve Watts, formerly of The McGregor Company, is joining Farrell Growth Group as a partner. Steve has a wealth of experience in Agronomy Retail and is well respected as one of the top strategic thinkers in our industry. Steve will be working on a variety of projects specializing in financial management, business valuations, IT systems evaluations, organizational structure, marketing strategy, and strategic planning. We are looking forward to having Steve on the Farrell Growth Group team.



Interview with Carl Casale

Kim McConnell conducted an interview with Carl Casale, President & CEO of CHS, at the February 2013 AgExcellence/CoExcellence meeting in Tempe, AZ.

This interview is part of a series of 4 interviews per year with industry leaders that McConnell committed to provide for

This discussion is timely and significant as CHS looks to expand their footprint in North America. Mr. Casale provides several insights into unique and pertinent subjects such as “relevance”, youth opportunities and the difference and similarities between corporations and cooperatives.

Click the link below to watch the 10 minute interview on the site:

Carl Casale Interview


Interview with Dr. Robb Fraley

Farrell Growth Group arranged for Kim McConnell to interview the person many people refer to as the ‘Father of Agriculture Biotechnology’, Dr. Robb Fraley of Monsanto Company in St. Louis. Below is the link to that interview.

Dr. Fraley is a fascinating leader with an interesting perspective on a variety of issues.
In this 10 minute interview, Dr. Fraley comments on a variety of topics including:
· The secret to develop a culture of innovation
· The biggest challenge facing innovation development
· Exciting areas of innovation we’re likely to see in the future
· Thoughts on advancing Wheat in Canada, and
· The benefits technology innovation provides agriculture and society

Click the link below to download the interview from the site:

Dr. Fraley Interview


Kelly Farrell Attends the 2011 Tomorrow’s

Agribusiness Leaders Class


The 2011 Tomorrow’s Agribusiness Leaders class traveled to Topeka for two days and completed Session I. During which, the class enjoyed a policy breakfast with Senator Jerry Moran and received a briefing on the challenges facing the 2011 Congress. This gave the class a taste of things to come when they travel to Washington D.C. in July. They were thrilled to meet the newly elected Senator, and as always, he was gracious and accommodating.

They also met with Kansas Department of Agriculture Assistant Secretary Chris Wilson, received a colorful critique of the new legislature and administration from Associated Press Reporter John Hanna, and introduced themselves and the TAL program to numerous State Legislators. In addition to the “Rock Star” stuff, they received KGFA/KARA staff briefings on the legislative process and the roles and history of the associations. They also received training on effective lobbying methods and put those practices to good use during Legislative Action Day while wrapping up the second day TAL Session I.

The 2011 class showed astute talent in communicating the association’s message to the Legislature, and we anticipate that they will continue to excel during future TAL Sessions. This class showed they truly are the best and brightest in the industry, and they would not be here if it weren’t for the generous voluntary contributions we solicit from you.

The next TAL session is in July and entails traveling to Washington D.C. and meeting with our Congressmen, industry leaders and other officials. The TAL class will sneak in a little sightseeing as well.

2011 TAL Class

2011 TAL Class

2011 TAL Class: (l-r) Bob Standage, KFSA, Colby; Dan Brubeck, Farmers Coop Elevator, Sabetha; Kelly Farrell, Farrell Growth Group, Liberty, MO; Ryan Elgin, Syngenta Crop Protection, Beloit; Kathryn Taylor, Dow AgroSciences, Manhattan; Donny Huber, WindRiver Grain, Garden City; Janet Bear, Frontier Ag, Brewster; Josh Morrill, East Kansas Agri-Energy, Garnett; Jeremy Seyfert, Cargill Ag Horizons, Overland Park; Brad Scheer, Farmers Coop Elevator, Garden Plain.


Chairman’s Service Award

(From the January 2009 AgGateway Newsletter)

A highlight of the 2008 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, was the presentation of the “Chairman’s Service Award” to Ron Farrell, retiring President & CEO of AgGateway, for his outstanding service to AgGateway and the Agriculture industry.

Ron, who was born in Storm Lake, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Agronomy, has had a long and illustrious career in agriculture. Always a farmer at heart, Ron worked for several ag-based companies over the years, including Union Carbide Ag Chemicals, Shell Chemicals, Brayton Chemicals, and Wilbur-Ellis. Additionally, Ron has been a farmer and operates his own business, Farrell Growth Group.

In 1998, Ron became Executive Director and President of RAPID, Inc., the predecessor to AgGateway. Under his leadership great strides were made in eBusiness within the agriculture industry from which many AgGateway members have benefited significantly. We count among Ron’s numerous accomplishments:

—Transition of RAPID from a for-profit company to a successful non-profit organization
—Creation of ecommerce standards that are now widely accepted in agriculture
—Establishment of a collaborative partnership with CIDX (the chemical industry standards group) for standards development and maintenance
—Consolidation of three disparate databases into one central industry directory (Ag Industry Identification System) to enable effective electronic trade in the crop protection industry
—Implementation of the AEC (Accelerated Electronic Connectivity) project for the Crop Protection industry
—Formation of AgGateway to expand the use of standards and tools developed by RAPID to the agricultural community at large

For the past two years, Ron has dedicated himself to making AgGateway “work”. Serving as Chief Executive Officer and President, he has guided AgGateway to a successful beginning and has established a firm foundation for AgGateway’s future. Those of us who have worked closely with Ron over the years know that he is a man of quality, integrity, and outstanding character.

We are extremely fortunate to have experienced Ron’s leadership and friendship. We will continue to enjoy that good fortune as Ron has agreed to stay on in a limited advisory role with AgGateway. We are certain that Ron will continue to stay active in the agriculture community. If you should happen to encounter him at a meeting, please take the time to thank him for his service to AgGateway and to agriculture as a whole. Thank you, Ron!


Lifetime Achievement Award

At the September, 2008 CropLife America Board of Directors meeting, Ron Farrell was recognized for his years of service. Ron will be retiring as President of RAPID in January, and we wish to honor his dedication to the industry. He successfully transitioned RAPID from a for-profit company to a successful non-profit organization, and helped with the creation of e-commerce standards that are now widely accepted in agriculture. Ron’s vast contributions have been equaled only by his dedication, and we thank him for his devotion to CLA and to the industry.

Ron's Lifetime Acheivement

Ron Farrell receiving award from CropLife America President and CEO Jay Vroom


Ron's Award

Ron Farrell Receiving MACA’s Industry Vision Award

The Mid America CropLife Association (MACA) honored several industry, media and academic leaders at its September 2006 annual meeting in St. Louis, MO.

The Association’s Industry Vision Award was presented to Ron Farrell, Farrell Growth Group, LLC and President & Executive Director of RAPID, Inc. The award is presented annually to industry leaders who provide exemplary vision on the issues affecting Midwestern agriculture.


AgriMarketing Article – December 8, 2006


Farmers National Company (FNC), Omaha, NE, now offers agribusiness valuation services, as well as agribusiness sales and marketing services, through Farmers National Marketing Group, LLC, in partnership with Farrell Growth Group.

Bob Dow of Farrell Growth Group will lead the business valuation service. He is a recognized leader in the service of business valuations for agribusinesses.

Mr. Dow can provide the agribusiness owner with a full analysis of their operation to not only suggest a selling price, but the analysis is also an excellent tool for marketing and selling the business. It provides the buyer with an objective analysis of potential values and income.

FNC provides the real estate sales and marketing expertise needed when a client decides they may want to move to the next step and sell their business.

Bob Dow, through Farmers National Marketing Group, has already completed several agribusiness valuations, including a feed business, an ag chemical dealership, and a warehouse operation.