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Farrell Growth Group: an agribusiness consulting firm

Management Information



Management Information Excellence (MIX) is a premier financial planning tool:

MIX participants will be excellent companies seeking to build on their past success and to find new solutions to ever present and rapidly changing market pressures. MIX is designed to go beyond basic benchmarking with tools:

The MIX Program’s staff consists of dedicated and knowledgeable people with decades of successful experience in our industry. The MIX program includes both annual one on one private meetings and group participant meetings to:

MIX for Agronomy

We currently have 26 excellent participants with over $800,000,000 of retail agronomy sales.

The participants are generally all multifaceted agribusinesses with additional business divisions such as grain, energy, feed, pork, etc.

Although we will ultimately benchmark different divisions (grain, etc.), we are steadily growing our core group to 30 participants who have agronomy operations as a common thread.

We will cap this group at 30 to 35 top quality participants and begin to develop subgroups to focus on specific shared interests and challenges.