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Farrell Growth Group: an agribusiness consulting firm

Merger & Acquisition Excellence


You have worked hard over the years to build a thriving, viable and valuable business. Now the time has arrived for you to consider selling your business.

    This is a difficult decision and one that requires the same level of diligence and attention that has been devoted to building your business to the successful operation it has become.

Make your last sale your BEST sale!

Why choose Farrell Growth Group, LLC to assist you when it is time to sell your business?

Seller Representation Services

Farrell Growth Group, LLC has represented and assisted customers in a large number of successfully completed transactions. We view you as our customer and prefer not to use the term “client”. Our team of top quality professionals is known for our:

No one is more experienced than Farrell Growth and no one has been involved in more successfully completed transactions involving crop input retailers and wholesalers over the last decade than Farrell Growth.

Additional MAX service offerings:

Buyer Representation Services. Farrell Growth Group has successfully assisted customers in all facets of over 100 potential growth opportunities.

Valuation and Appraisal Services

Feasibility studies for mergers, joint ventures and strategic alliances